Linda Hogan

DARK. SWEET. New and Selected Poems. 2014 Coffee House Press.

Long Poem
Performance piece and long poem in voice of single indigenous woman. Based loosely on story and research of Medea. Has been performed once by Linda Hogan at Collected Works, selected reading. Looking for new Native women performers.
Hogan's second novel, a haunting story of forces beyond the human world.
A story of love and family and a quest to find a lost way of life. Winner of the Colorado Book Award for Fiction.
A powerful story of a Vietnam veteran torn between his war experience and his Native American community.
Linda Hogan's first novel, a Pulitzer Prize finalist.
Linda Hogan's latest collection of poems
This National Book Critics Circle Award finalist combines the rich imagery of Linda Hogan's Indian heritage with the wealth of the natural world.
Essays on nature and the living, spiritual world.
Hogan wrote the indigenous viewpoints and historical background on this whale, following them in the journey between Baja and the Bering Sea.
Performance Works
Combining dance, music and spoken word, this brilliant interpretation of Chickasaw traditional storytelling was created by Linda Hogan in collaboration with composer Jerod Tate and textile artist Margaret Roach Wheeler.

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Mean Spirit

"Mean Spirit is a story rooted both in truth and mystery, and Linda Hogan has written it beautifully."
-- Louise Erdrich

"This is a powerful, beautiful book. Linda Hogan gives us a true and vivid look at part of a great American tragedy. I wish everyone would read Mean Spirit and begin to understand."
--Tony Hillerman

"Linda Hogan's Mean Spirit is a marvel. It is interesting to see how gracefully she, like a number of Native American poets -- Momaday, Erdrich, Welch, Silko -- has made a very natural move from poetry to the novel. The prose in Mean Spirit is exquisite, the narrative fine, if enraging. This is certainly an auspicious debut."
--Jim Harrison

"Mean Spirit is a beautiful and elegiac story, a true American Tragedy, a paradise lost. I loved it, even while it broke my heart."
--William Kittredge