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Winter MIT Reading for Thoreau Prize

Ecopoetics Conference Speaker/Reader, Perpignan, France

December 2017 Commencement Address University of Colo. Colo. Springs

April 22 2018 San Diego

April 26 2018 Appalachian State University

May 19 2018 Little Rock, Arkansas
Speaking with Arkansas 9
The first black students to break through walls of hatred
and integrate all-white schools with great courage in the 50's.

Linda Hogan was on BookTV's call in show, In Depth, Sunday, July 3, Noon eastern time. The show allows for questions, you can post them now at booktv.org, under "Schedule", "In Depth."

Research in Experimental Rain Forest Medicinal Plants, Costa Rica

September 22-23 Casper College Reading + Workshop

October 28-29 Environmental Literary Studies, Boulder CO Reading

January 4- 2017 Oklahoma City University, Reading + Workshop


PBS       feature poem Bear Fat  Jan 2020


2021 Upcoming


February 17-8  Virginia Piper Creative Writing Program, Session on 17, Reading 18th

                       Arizona State U.


February 25      Beginning of year-long conversations on Indigenous knowledge in

                       book The Radiant Lives of Animals      Mult-disciplinary studies


March              Academy of American Poets: Poet for Poetry Month, focus on Environmental Justice



March              Emerson College, Boston   Zoom Class Visit and Reading


April 15           Kenyon College      Reading