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Mean Spirit

"Mean Spirit is a story rooted both in truth and mystery, and Linda Hogan has written it beautifully."

-- Louise Erdrich

"This is a powerful, beautiful book. Linda Hogan gives us a true and vivid look at part of a great American tragedy. I wish everyone would read Mean Spirit and begin to understand."
--Tony Hillerman

"Linda Hogan's Mean Spirit is a marvel. It is interesting to see how gracefully she, like a number of Native American poets -- Momaday, Erdrich, Welch, Silko -- has made a very natural move from poetry to the novel. The prose in Mean Spirit is exquisite, the narrative fine, if enraging. This is certainly an auspicious debut."
--Jim Harrison

"Mean Spirit is a beautiful and elegiac story, a true American Tragedy, a paradise lost. I loved it, even while it broke my heart."
--William Kittredge