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Linda Hogan 's Works


Performance piece and long poem from Wings Press


A haunting story of forces beyond the human world. It is a book to treasure and read for the voice of Omishto, the main character, a young woman strong enough to go against the colonizing systems that hold her indigenous people away from their traditional ways.

"Absorbing and lyrical, Power is a book to savor. Rich, many-flavored, intense, it is alive with Earth's awesome vitality. A must read."
–Paula Gunn Allen

Solar Storms

"A book you’ll want to read slowly…this book’s unflinching wisdom and extraordinarily beautiful language should make it a classic of American literature."
–Julie Parson-Nesbit, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"A novel that instructs the heart as it binds its curative spell. With her unparalleled gifts for truth and magic, Linda Hogan reinforces my faith in reading writing, living."
–Barbara Kingsolver

People of the Whale

A compassionate novel about the beauty of the natural world and the painful moral choices humans make in it. With a keen sense of the environment, spirituality, and the trauma of war, People of the Whale is a powerful novel for our times from a writer who continues to take on the most difficult contemporary Native issues.

"In her remarkable new novel, Hogan ... explores themes of love and loss among the A'atsika people of Washington State ... [Her] style is both dreamlike and realistic, with a nonlinear narrative that loops back on itself as more and more is revealed."
Library Journal

Mean Spirit

Drawing on extensive historical research as well as her own acknowledged and considerable gifts as a poet, Linda Hogan has written a haunting epic of the persecution of Oklahoma Indians in the 1920s.

Rounding the Human Corners

With soaring imagery, clear lyrics, and entrancing rhythm, Hogan's poetry becomes a visionary instrument singing to and from humanity.In Rounding the Human Corners , Hogan locates the intimate connections between all living things.

The Book of Medicines

"Linda Hogan's poetry has always been a medicine of sorts ... These poems in particular cross over to speak for us in the shining world. They bring back words for healing, the distilled truth of all these stories that are killing us with tears and laughter."
–Joy Harjo


Dwellings is about the idea and meaning of home. This book tells us the earth is our universal, spiritual home, through essays abouts bats, bees, porcupines, wolves, caves and much more.

Sightings – The Mysterious Journey of the Gray Whale

(with Brenda Peterson)

Hogan wrote the indigenous viewpoints and historical background on this whale, following them in the journey between Baja and the Bering Sea.

Lowak Shoppala (Fire and Light)

Combining dance, music and spoken word, this brilliant interpretation of Chickasaw traditional storytelling was created by Linda Hogan in collaboration with composer Jerod Tate and textile artist Margaret Roach Wheeler.